His music is special and shines because of it feeling good to hear, to make it all timeless and worth coming back to every time. If you’re looking for amazing music and a stand out artist to dive into, this will surely satisfy you in a real way.” - Global Money World

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Who is Brotha Josh?

Brotha Josh is the project of New Orleans born and Birmingham, AL based singer songwriter Joshua Holt. Josh’s music mixes nu-funk & indie pop & rock to create his own unique blend of indie soul music. The music is paired with unique visuals to complement the vibes of his songs and entrench you in his world.  

In 2022 he released two back to back EP’s The Operator & The Caller & in 2023 he released the single Miss Me, the funk inspired The High Life and the dream pop inspired Driftin' Away.

Gaining listeners and fans Brotha Josh is playing music in Alabama and beyond. He aims to create music that mixes genres and blurs the lines on what’s expected from a black artist.